Etiket: Insomnia


Insomnia is one of the most common problems related to sleep-related problems, especially in developed countries. Studies on insomnia in certain parts of the world indicate an average incidence of insomnia in the society around 35%, revealing that 10-15% of them cover moderate or severe cases. The incidence of insomnia is higher in women. A quality sleep is indispensable for human health. Insomnia can cause various problems in a person’s social and business life. People who have sleep problems feel bad mentally and physically.

The pattern and distribution (rhythm) of sleep during the day is formed by a person's biological clock. One of the most important factors that guide a person's biological clock is light. The light perceived by the eyes reaches the relevant center in the brain, which, depending on the amount of light (day-night), sends stimulating or inhibiting messages to the centers that secrete substances and hormones that cause sleepiness or wakefulness (in other words, things that disturb sleep). This means there are periods during the day when people tend to sleep or cannot sleep easily if they want to.