Many animals in the world are subjected to torture, persecution and abuse for financial gain and entertainment. In many places around the world, animals are persecuted within the scope of tradition. In Spain, bulls are released by burning their horns, dogs are hung on a rope in Bulgaria, whales, dolphins and seals are widely hunted in Japan, small animals are imprisoned in keychains in China, bulls are wrestled in South America, and chickens are beaten to death in the Philippines.

Animal Friends were first in England in 1822; They established the Union for the Protection of Animals in order to protect animals, to ensure that humans treat animals well, and that they are fed and protected in better conditions. In our country, the Animal Protection Association was established in 1908. For the same purpose, associations united to form the World Animal Protection Federation in The Hague, capital city of the Netherlands. This organization gathered in Florence in 1931 and declared October 4th Animal Protection Day to draw attention to the animal species under threat of extinction in the world. The purpose of this day; To understand that there are other creatures other than humans in the universe, not to interfere with their living spaces, to respect the right to live. It is to raise awareness about treating pets with compassion, protecting them, feeding them in good conditions and treating them sensitively.